Summer Heat – How to Defeat It?


Summer Heat

The summer has begun and you do not know how to tackle the agonizing heat. While there are many tips, we have decided to choose the most proper ones.

Don’t be afraid of cold compresses

It is often said that you should not apply cold compresses to yourself immediately after coming out of the heat. In fact, it is possible and even necessary if you feel the symptoms of heat stroke. You can’t just seek salvation in an ice bath – this can lead to problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Interact less with electricity

Interact less with electricity

It’s simple here: electricity is heat, so if you’re really hot, turn off all the lights in the house and try not to use gadgets before bed. If its possible, play on the 22Bet casino website by pressing the 22Bet Login button earlier during the day.

Take care of your skin

Summer is a test time for your skin. In the heat, the face requires constant hydration, the pores need cleaning, and the body needs protection from the sun’s rays. To get started, figure out what type of skin yours is (if you haven’t done so yet), and select the right products. Do not moisten your face with thermal water every half an hour (on a dusty street, forget about this product altogether). It will be enough to apply a moisture-preserving agent and a light gel after a shower, but before that, the skin must be cleansed with an alcohol-free agent – in the heat, the pores clog faster, but deep cleaning can dry out and injure a face tired from stuffy weather.

Do not forget about sun protection – do not neglect protective creams, even if you go for a simple walk in cloudy weather. Just an hour spent under the daytime sun without protection will adversely affect the condition of your skin. 



Accept that your summer routine will be drastically different from life at other times of the year. It is unlikely that you will be able to go to the village then dance with friends in the club all night and the next day, as if nothing had happened, you will hardly succeed. In summer, the body spends a lot of energy fighting the heat – at night it needs to rest. Yes, and during the day it should not be overloaded. If you are used to exhausting workouts, you will have to switch to light cardio or yoga for two months (just an excuse to try something new, interesting and very fashionable). Lovers of outdoor activities should also moderate their appetites: tennis in 30-degree heat is a very bad idea. All outdoor activities should be moved to the early morning, and walks should be postponed until the evening.

There are many tips on the Web that have not been scientifically proven to be effective, but they also do not bring any harm. You can rub your earlobes with your thumbs, you can paint your house white and walk around in light-coloured clothes. In general, lovers of experiments and those who suffer from the heat especially strongly have a place to roam, but the main thing is to check all these tips for harmlessness with real experts.

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